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Una storia ricca di passione per il bello.

The Cassetti woman personifies refinement, elegance and vitality,
loves to dress in a classic but creative way, with some subtle transgression, with strong personality and with an accentuated
dynamism. A strong woman who is not however, she renounces her own femininity e who loves to express herself through her own choices. Among our collections, in addition to personalizing your precious, you can choose a jewel for a unique occasion or an iconic symbol that accompanies us every day, with any look we choose to wear. With constant research and development, aimed at exploring and developing new processes and materials on the market, creations with character and a strong nature are born.


Diamonds, women's best friends, and a great investment. Diamonds are transparent crystals composed of pure carbon atoms with a tetrahedral structure. They were formed under pressure and very high temperatures, which probably reached 70,000kg / cm2 and 2000 ° C respectively. They crystallized and were brought to the surface by volcanic conduits by erupting through a rock, the kimberlite, which acts as an authentic mother rock, and by crumbling free the diamonds in the surrounding area of ​​secondary deposits. It occurs in nature of various colors as the size of the crystals are rarely larger than a hazelnut. Together with gold, brick, art and a certain refined and consolidated collecting, the diamond is always been considered among the principles of safe-haven assets.

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