The Cassetti brand was born in 1926 from the creativity and entrepreneurial mind of Renzo Cassetti, disciple of the valuable tradition introduced by Benvenuto Cellini of Florentine master engravers, goldsmiths and silversmiths.

Renzo, the typical artist, only signed unique pieces, some of which became of historic relevance, like those you can still find in the Vaticano decor.

In his workshop, close to the Ponte Vecchio, many famous personalities used to pass by wishing to be able to buy a “one of a kind”piece handmade by some of the best silversmiths of the time working alongside him.

In the 50’s Maria Grazia, daughter of Renzo makes her way in the company, bringing along her “feminine touch” and eccentricity. Soon after, the first pieces in Silver with Crystal and Silver with Porcelain were made, an authentic innovation for the market. The small workshop wasn’t enough any more, so they had to move to San Gaggio, just outside of the historical city walls, on “Viale dei Colli”, where we could hold our rapidly growing enterprise.

It was under the attentive guide of Andrea and Maria Grazia, that we had our industrial consecration. They introduced modern technologies and strategies, always keeping in mind the taste for Florentine craftsmanship.

Andrea’s style combines design pieces with original, new, interpretations of vintage pieces. Some of the most interesting pieces were designed by Andrea, such contemporary and original specimens they were exhibited in museums such as the the four piece coffe set with tray you can find in the Staatliches Museum fur Angewandteknust of Munich, Germany.

Maria Grazia always cherished a love for jewellery, both antique and modern, that’s why, in the 70’s, she decided to started selling such precious creations. Her love for beauty and exclusiveness brought her to travel the world, alongside some of her most expert coworkers, trying to discover that unique piece to display in her boutique. Giving birth to the first Cassetti Boutique on the Ponte Vecchio, the Rolex Boutique and the one in Forte dei Marmi.

Nowadays Cassetti has become a well established entrepreneurial group which is distribuited in some of the most exclusive boutiques worldwide.

Along with our high tech company structure and our craftsmanship, we pride ourselves in being a family run business from three generations.

Today you can still find Andrea and Maria Grazia, the first generation and, from a few years, their children, Filippo and Lorenzo, who take care of the company through its expansion on foreign markets.

The company is divided in “Cassetti Silverware”, “Cassetti Jewellery” and “Cassetti Boutiques”, a sound and productive organization that has been working in “luxury“ for nearly one hundred years.

Forever growing, our Silverware is carefully perfected by hand, based on our exquisite taste for manufacture and care for details, that still remains the cornerstone of our varied and expansive production today.


Silver represents the history of the Cassetti Family.
All the classic styles are present in our collections: we create, with this nobile metal, the art of the mise en place to embellish your home.
Repoussage, chiselling and decorations always carefully made to last forever; creations made from designs and some exclusive pieces.
Reaching such a level is not easy and the success that follows our brand worldwide is the reward for our efforts.
Just like once in a blue moon, we uncovered the secret for the uniqueness of a handmade piece and the perfection of its details. The hand of the artisan is helped by the latest techniques. That’s our philosophy, woven in our company since the beginning. Always remembering the artisanal tradition of Renzo, but adding to it with the new generations of children and nephews, together looking forward.