Cassetti Rolex Boutique

Ponte Vecchio 54/R – 50125 Firenze
Tel +39 055 287361
E-mail: ponte54@cassetti.it


A unique location in the world where you can experience the most evocative moment of the day: the sunset… when the sun ends its journey by immersing itself in the Arno river, coloring the walls of the shop with a variety of particular colors.

Multi-brand boutique for both fine watchmaking and fine jewelry, but which also offers an absolutely innovative research space with its own handcrafted collection; a real atelier that has combined the oldest Cassetti tradition with contemporary taste and sensitivity.

Jewelery for a refined, elegant and vital woman who loves to dress in a classic but creative way, with some subtle transgression, a woman with her own lifestyle, with her strong personality, her dynamism: a woman who loves to stand out