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Thanks to our many years of experience and the best tools available, we take care of your valuables.

After the purchase, thanks to a group of collaborators who support us to ensure an after-sales service that matches the brands we represent, we follow the customer by indicating the most suitable systems for the conservation of your watch, and we take care of all aspects.


Watch servicing

All the necessary checks will be carried out by our master watchmakers, from disassembly to final tests, to ensure that your precious is maintained over time, in the best possible way. operation is guaranteed and aesthetics are appreciated. Our laboratory uses the best equipment certified by the Genevan parent companies which guarantee an effective intervention.It may happen that the watch no longer indicates the correct time or simply some detail of your watch begins to show the signs of time. Our service center is able to solve these problems and others, such as battery change, adjustment or demagnetization.
The watch with mechanical movement is a true work of art, a very sophisticated product made up of numerous gears, linkages and wheel systems and which therefore requires manual skills, creativity and above all great craftsmanship to be made. Once it leaves the factory, it needs to be taken care of and to keep it functioning properly it is necessary to ensure that it is properly maintained, i.e. a running check every two or three years and a complete overhaul every five to seven years. Our watch technicians will put their expertise at your service for all-round watch care, from the simplest interventions such as replacing a bracelet/strap or batteries in the case of quartz, to washing and polishing cases and bracelets, up to to the complete review. But what makes our assistance centers unique in the world, in addition to the most efficient equipment, highly qualified personnel and the landscape in which they are located, is an innovation that the Cassetti company, always attentive to sustainability, has introduced for first in this sector: our technicians will work your watch in environmental conditions of pure air, protected from fine dust, thanks to a technical solution called botanical filtration, for which air purification is no longer entrusted to mechanical filters, but to plant organisms. A portion of the Amazon forest transplanted to one of the places with the largest flow of visitors in the world.
Cassetti Firenze

Jewel customization

The choice to personalize a jewel does not always coincide with having clear ideas. In some cases, the shape of the jewel is already imprinted in our mind, perhaps a veteran of a dream or a fleeting sight, but in other cases we only have an idea. Our service was created to give shape to your desires.

Virtual Concierge

The care of our customer comes first. We offer you a personalized service, as if it were in our store. Professionalism, quality and listening will accompany you during your virtual visit. We will make you live a unique experience.